[Real Diary] What a Successful Two Jaw Surgery

5:42:00 PM

짱이뻐! - What a Successful Two Jaw Surgery

I arrived in Korea yesterday. I was so happy that Wonjin staffs waited for me and welcomed me as I walked in. All the staffs working at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea are so pretty and kind. After saying hello to them, I was guided for a consultation and a thorough medical examination such as blood test, CT scan, X-ray for a safety. Since I am having a Two Jaw Surgery, I had to go through teeth examination and make a wafer additionally. It wasn’t a simple procedure; however, it all went so well and smooth with staff’s amazing help! Now I’m starting to get nervous but the doctor said I can eat delicious Korean food after the surgery, so I’m more excited than scared!

짱이뻐! - What a Successful Two Jaw Surgery

It already has been 5 days since my Korean face contouring surgery day! The swelling is subsiding and I can see my eyelids better today, however, my lips are still so swollen. I took a walk for 20 minutes today outside. The smell of sidewalk foods gave me a hard time passing by them. I’m going to eat all of them when I recover!!

짱이뻐! - What a Successful Two Jaw Surgery

I still have some swelling left but it went so much better! Oh, the doctor told me I can start eating soft foods such as seedless fruits, soup, rice, and noodles. My front chin line is so smooth and pretty now and I can’t believe it! Today, I’m going home. I wonder if my mom will recognize me!

짱이뻐! - What a Successful Two Jaw Surgery

I went back to school today. My friends were all surprised how different I look! I’m so happy to hear that I became so much prettier. I wonder how much more I will become prettier after the orthodontics. I still have some swelling left on my face but no problem of doing everyday life! Thank you Wonjin!!

짱이뻐! - What a Successful Two Jaw Surgery

Most of the swellings are gone now and I can eat much better now! I feel so happy everyday these days and I believe I made a right choice choosing Wonjin Plastic Surgery for my Korean two jaw surgery! It really changed my life!!

짱이뻐! - What a Successful Two Jaw Surgery

Wow time surely flies! It’s been a month and half since my Korean two jaw surgery day. I am so happy everyday looking at the mirror to see my V-line face. I can eat everything now by chopping them down to small pieces now. So, I’m experiencing a mixed feeling of happy to eat them and sad to gain weight lol. I wasn’t so fond of confections before the surgery, but somehow I’m crazy about sweets now! I can’t wait to take the Wafer out of my mouth!

짱이뻐! - What a Successful Two Jaw Surgery

Today, I hung out with my friends. Some friends didn’t notice me at first because it was a first time reunion after the high school graduation. Everyone was talking about how nice my protruding front chin has changed and asked me which clinic I had the operation done! I felt amazing by hearing them talking both of my Korean two jaw surgery and Korean eyelid surgery was a huge success!

Name: Prin
Age: 25
Surgery: Eye Surgery, Two Jaw Surgery


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    1. Yess, envy her for being brave to do such a thing :3

  2. I dont really into plastic surgery but I have to say that the result on her is pretty! Two thumbs up for the girl that she decided to do such a surgery >< I'm not that brave yet I guess