[Talk to WONJIN] Correlation Between Eyes and Eyebrow in Korea Plastic Surgery

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I'm 25 and I'm a worker for a company. Before, double eyelid outline was popular and pretty so I wanted to do it. But the doctor said the gap between my eyebrow and eyes are short so it won't be pretty. Is it true that I really can't have it?


It's not impossible. People with short gap between eyebrow and eyes, sure, it will be limited point to make it. But it's still possible to do this Korea eye plastic surgery.

It's important to see or examine the eyes first before saying yes you can, no you cannot, as everyone has different situation. Also, you might want to try to make an outline through Canthoplasty. It will be in-out line but it will refer to outline.

In fact, there are some people who like short gap between eyebrow and eyes. Again, you need to go to your favorite plastic surgery clinic, and get your consultation with the plastic surgeon first, to know the possible result, before you decide to do the surgery.

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  1. As a beautician and home med supplies owner, I would like to add that some women who don't want plastic surgery but need a short gab between eyes and eyebrows often remove too much hair between the eyebrows which is not good at all. It looks completely unnatural.