[Q&A] Korea Rhinoplasty #4

4:43:00 PM

As stated before, Korea rhinoplasty is not all about aesthetic surgery but also the functional surgery. There are some people who are still doubting if there's a possibility that the functional problem will come back again some time after the surgery.

For the case of sinusitis that hereditary, it can be cured by doing this Korea rhinoplasty (functional surgery).  There are so many blood vessels inside our nose. If there are more blood vessels inside than the normal amount, it can cause a swelling in mucous membrane.

There are some factors that can make the blood vessels grow to be bigger amount again after the Korea rhinoplasty, such as drinking alcohol, either it's beer or soju, etc. It's better to control yourself not to drink alcohol first for some times that has been told by the clinic. That's the only and the most important way to prevent sinusitis coming back again.

The other important thing to be paid attention is, that you can not do heavy exercise, and the one that mentioned earlier, not to drink alcohol, for about two weeks to a month. You'll still can do your daily routine though. But it'll be best if you're not over doing it.

If you do pay attention to these stuffs, there won't be any problem after the Korea rhinoplasty.

Watch the full video: https://youtu.be/mQTkL8LCCn0

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