[Real Diary] Say Goodbye Forever To Grandma Breast

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I got married at 26 years old and had my first child at the same time, now it's been 5 years after that time. 
Before getting married, I was a graphic designer. 
When I was working, I was really good at work, and got praised a lot, but now.. 
I'm no other than an ahjumma (aunty) huh 

After giving birth, my breast was in a mess, it's shrunken ㅠ
Well, It's not like I had big breast before giving birth but at least it's not like this.
It looks like a grandma's breast and makes me not confident.

After 5 years, it feels like I got depressed of taking care of my child..
And to overcome my depression I guess I have to start with this grandma breast first!
So finally I decided to visit Wonjin Plastic Surgery and do the Korea breast plastic surgery!!!

This is me, before and after Korea breast plastic surgery!
It's just.... too different right??
Before the surgery I wore 75A, no, even AAA, but now, I wear 75C full cup!!!

I also cut my hair after I gain back my confidence, and people are praising me, that I look good in this hairstyle.
I'm satisfied with the result hehe


I was flustered when the blood bag is removed~^^
But since I was still wearing the bandage, I didn't know how big my breast was at that time haha


I still wore the bandage to gather the breast but I barely felt any pain though.
That day, was the day when I invited my friends to come and bragged about my breast hehehe

I can wore t-shirt by myself also!!


It's been a month after my Korea breast plastic surgery.

The swelling has been reduced compared to the first time.
I chose armpit incision so I had to use the ointment cream to help remove the scar.
I still can't lift my arms but I'm practicing it a lot as the hospital said!!
They said it's really important!


Really satisfied with the result!!! 


As time goes by, the feeling was getting better and the scars also can't be seen.
It's naturally spreading when I lay down.
And my husband said that he won't even know that I had Korea breast plastic surgery as it's really soft while he touched it.

That time, I started to work again~
Now that I'm confident with my appearance again, I can get along with my co-workers also!
I guess I live really well!


Finally a year after Korea breast plastic surgery!
The latest photo of me!

What a perfect and natural line!

Look at the volume!
I really enjoy my working life also I live happily now~!!
Thanks to Wonjin Plastic Surgery that helps me gaining confidence again from the grandma breast!!!!

Name: Mrs. Moon
Surgery: Breast Surgery

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