[Real Diary] Famous Plastic Surgery Gangnam Korea Review

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Finally, only a week left till the famous plastic surgery Gangnam, Korea.
I am both excited and worried about the surgery, but because I will be doing it at the most famous Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea, the feeling of excitement is greater.

Still, I can’t help but worry since I’m undergoing a big surgery.
I was unhappy about the fact that I couldn’t wear a v-neck, and I always wanted to wear a bikini in summer, but that wasn’t an option for me, because of my small breast.
I lost my confidence and attractiveness as a woman even when I wore a singlet or a sweater. 

I always had to have support for my breast inside my bra, and tried to make cleavage by tightening my bra.
As you can see in the photos, I look like a man…
Whether I was standing uplying down I was always flat.
Felt like I was losing attractiveness as a woman.

And, I also had the facial contour surgery together, because I wanted to say goodbye to my cheekbones! I had to always hide them with my hair.

I’m looking forward to the changed look, and can’t wait to tie my hair up and try different hair styles after the surgery at 
Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea

It’s been three days after the famous plastic surgery Gangnam Korea!
I was expecting my face to be this swollen.

The breast area is also very swollen and feels like its pulling
But, the hardest part after the surgery was waking up from anesthesia. 
It’s only been three days, but it was so hard when I woke up from anesthesia. 
I felt extremely dizzy and it was hundred times worse than being totally wasted
I had to be hospitalized at the clinic overnight, since I had both breast and facial contour surgery.
I had hemovacs inside my mouth and near my armpits as well.
It was really difficult to breath, talk and move, because I had compression bandage around my breast. 
But, the nurses were really nice and help me a lot.

They taught me how to use the gargle to wash my mouth, because I wasn’t allowed to brush my teeth yet. 
I also went on a wheelchair for the first time.
I knew it was going to be hard to become pretty, but never though it would be this hard 

There was a point where I had regrets about getting the surgery done, because it hurt so much. 
But, only time will tell, so I decided to just wait for the swelling to reduce.
Counting on the days for the swelling to go away!!

A week has passed, and my swelling has been reducing.

I have removed tapes on faces now, and took the compression bandage off my breast. 
I had to wear a fixable bra on and off.
Stitches on my cheekbones and under the armpits have also been removed!

I thought it was going to hurt so much, but it felt really good to finally remove the stitches! Haha
But, I have to wait another week to remove the stitches inside my mouth, so still can’t eat properly
And, the nurse advised that I can wear a sports bra from now on, but not the wire bra just yet. 
I admit being so scared and afraid for the surgery, but I am really satisfied with the result now as the swelling reduces with time.

It’s only been a week, so I still have bruising and swelling.
For the breast surgery, I have teardrop implants in 350cc. 

People around me who had the surgery done told me that what I was getting was way too big. 
But, I am truly satisfied with the shape and size. 
I did ask before the surgery if the size was too big, but both the surgeon and coordinator said most people regret not getting it bigger after the surgery. 
So, I ‘m really glad that I didn’t switch to smaller size.

And, I also worried about the texture. 
Because, it was hard at first, but I can feel that it is becoming softer! 
It’s still hard to lie down and get up by myself, but I can stand up now and swelling on my face has really gone down. 
But, we need to wait and see. 
I’ll have to take a good care of myself until all of the swelling has been gone!

It’s been over two weeks now!

Time was going so slow during the first few days after the surgery, when I had heaps of swelling. 
But, can’t believe it’s already been two weeks.

I went for a check-up photo shoots, and I’m really happy that the swelling is reducing quite fast. 
In fact, I think my recovery is faster compared to others. 
I believe taking a fair amount of walks, and having pumpkin juice from 
Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea helped a lot. 
The nurse actually thought that I had the surgery like a month ago.

Although, my breast still hurts and I’m still unfamiliar with my face when I look in the mirror, I am mostly satisfied. And, the pain is slowly reducing. 
But, I guess I have to wait longer for the texture of the implant inside my breast. 
It’s also still difficult to open my mouth after facial contour surgery, and I can’t chew for very long and can’t eat large sized food. 

But, I’m practicing to open my mouth and it is getting better, so it won’t be long for me to eat normal again.
The weather is becoming hotter now, and I’m really looking forward to going away somewhere with my new look!
I should take more care for the scars from the surgery.

Time truly flies. 
Can’t believe it’s already been a month now. 

Major swelling is all gone now and I only have minor swelling, but overall, it looks like there are none.

I remember feeling really nervous and scared a week before the surgery, but now I just want to try on different clothes and go on vacations.
Everyone finds it hard to tell where I had the surgery, but I look amazing in photos now and I go out a lot with makeup. 
There are some who says that I look a little different, but they can’t tell unless I tell them.
The pulling sensation on my breast is almost gone as well.
But I understand now why it’s recommended to do breast surgery in winter. 

Because, there’s a lot of sweating due to hot weather right now and I still can’t wear normal bra, since I have to take a good care of minor swelling for at least three months. 
I can’t wait to find out how much bigger my breasts have gone and what the cup size is now.
I will continue taking pills to prevent capsular contracture, and wear compression bandage when I go to bed.

It’s already been two months now.
I almost have no swelling left.

Friends that know about my surgery say others won’t even be able to notice.

Feels like it was only yesterday when I had so much pain, but I can’t believe it’s been two months.

I still have the scar from the incision inside my mouth, so I have to thoroughly brush my teeth and gargle to get rid of any food that is stuck in between.
I am also wearing a sports bra as advised by the surgeon. I am not able to wear a normal wire bra for three months. But, because the weather is getting way too hot now, I started to just wear a nude bra by simply sticking it on the areola
 and it is so comfortable.

I find the results of my surgery more satisfying everyday.
I now have no bruise remaining as well, and the worry I had before about the texture of my breast implants surgery, It has become a lot softer now after two months!
I take a lot of selfies now too, and spend a lot of time pampering myself. I am also taking a good care of my face too!

It has been six months now and there was change in season from summer to winter.
I remember six months ago, before the surgery, I was thinking to myself that I should maybe just live the way I am. 
Because, I was really afraid of surgery going wrong and the pain it was going to bring. 

Even to the point where I was in the operation room, and after the surgery was done, I said to myself, “Why did I do it?”. 
But now, it’s winter and time really flies. 

I have no swelling left, and I look so natural now, even my friends tell me that they can’t tell at all. I also had some surgeons not being able to notice anything. Hahaha
Now there is no discomfortpain, but there’s just one thing that still bothers me 
It’s the remaining scar inside my mouth from the incision made, and food still gets stuck in between. 
But, if I continue with the mouth gargle, I think it will be okay. I always have the gargle with me where ever I go.

Also, I am really satisfied with the size and shape of my breasts, but the texture hasn’t improved much yet. I still wish it becomes softer. 
But, I guess there is no end to a man’s greed…
However, I love the fact that I look so pretty when others take photos of me now after surgery.

The worries and fears I had before the surgery was all worth it, and now, I will focus more on inner beauty as well! 
I will also not be lazy about taking care of my face and breasts!
I believe people who work hard for beauty is always beautiful!

So now, it’s been 7months.
I don’t even remember what I looked like before the surgery. Haha
I look so natural and the swelling is completely gone.
I keep forgetting to send my selfie diary as well, guess I am just too used to it now.
Everyone still talks about how natural I look and doesn’t even look like I had surgery. Hahaha

One of my friend said that, she was surprised how my breasts look so real and they look like my natural breasts.
And now, I wear normal wire bras. 
But… I think nude bras are so much more comfortable. 

I’ve actually been to a bathhouse recently, and it seemed like no one knew that I had my breasts done. 
But, people in my age group did look and stare, because I have big sized breasts compared to my body figure. 

I can’t believe it’s been 8 months now.
I felt like yesterday, but more than half of the year has passed and time seems to never rest.
If I didn’t have the opportunity to undergo surgery, I would still not be wearing a bikini. 
Not to think of it, I don’t know why I even hesitated and worried so much about getting the surgery. 

The main reason I decided to have surgery myself was because the before and after photos were just so pretty. Hahaha

Having go through the whole surgery process, I think there is not need to worry about any side effects. 
I have a tiny face now and I look so good in anything I wear cause there’s volume. 

Overall, the surgery was very successful and I will make the same choices if I have to go back in time. 
I am most satisfied when friends tell me that it’s so natural and no one can even tell that I had surgery. 
I think plastic surgery is best when it’s done naturally and not too obvious to notice, and 
Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea truly is the best at giving the most natural results! 

Name: Lee Sae Kyung
Age: 26
Surgery: Face Contour, Breast Surgery, Eye Plastic Surgery

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