[News/Media] Wonjin Plastic Surgery Mascot 'GENIE'

4:50:00 PM

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Mascot 'GENIE'

Wonjin Plastic Surgery has launched its mascot character 'GENIE' with a motif of Aladdin's magic lamp' fairy. Genie, as the fairy of the lamp has ability to grant wishes of its owner, just like Wonjin Plastic Surgery's GENIE, which will grant wishes of those who want to be prettier.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery is planning to create a 'community' so people would understand and have more sympathy of those who have appearance complex through various content made of this GENIE character. A culture that can makes people understand and get better information about cosmetic surgery in Korea.

You can meet this cute GENIE dolls if you're coming and visiting Wonjin Plastic Surgery though. And from now on, it will appear more often through Wonjin homepage and SNS as well.

A photo-wall, and various events will be held in the future as well. Let's get prettier together with GENIE this autumn!

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