[Real Diary] A Year Has Passed After My Korea Two Jaw Surgery

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짱이뻐! - A Year Has Passed After My Korea Two Jaw Surgery

Finally, tomorrow is my two jaw surgery day at Wonjin Plastic Surgery. 
I can’t sleep because I am scared of side effect. 
What if I die during the operation? 
I am so nervous and I am not sure of my decision. 
But when I see beautiful ladies on the street, I can suffer just only 1 week to become pretty. 

I have set the operation tomorrow early morning at 8:30 so I admitted today. 
Now I am lying on the bed in the private room alone. 
I am a bit scared but I am so excited. 

My friends said that I made my dream. 
They always said that I will be prettier if I have no long chin. 
I never thought I would do this surgery. 
I can’t even imagine now and so nervous. 
I hope I will be pretty like Oh Yeonseo!

짱이뻐! - A Year Has Passed After My Korea Two Jaw Surgery

I had operation at 12 o'clock in time. 
I do not remember who woke me up. 
I think I was just sitting in the room. 
My jaw was wrapped with a bandage. 
When I first undergo anesthesia, the anesthetic was injected through my left arm. 
I think I kept on saying “It's very painful” while injecting the anesthetic medication. 
But when I woke up, it was very dizzy and feel nausea. 
I do not remember like I was drunk. 

When I woke up, it was already 8:30 in the evening. 
I need to change sleeping position to sitting position so I changed the position and sleep again. 
I have to use my mouth to breath so inside of the mouth and tongue is so dry, and I still feel pain haha. 
It could not feel any pain because I was out of my mind. 
The nurses told me to do gargle so I did but I think I just spit out anywhere. 

I can not remember whether I spit out in the bathroom or in the room ;(
I checked my phone but I could not reply to my friends because I feel dizzy so I tried to vomit. 
The plastic bag was hanging on my shoulder so it helped me to vomit.

짱이뻐! - A Year Has Passed After My Korea Two Jaw Surgery

On the third day, 
I was supposed to fixed with a wire but since it was bleeding, I didn’t fix with it. 
I could not speak for a few days so it was very uncomfortable and inconvenient.
So to communicate with nurses, I had to write on the chalkboard and show it to them.

I will be discharge tomorrow so the nurse explained me about the medication. 
I worried because I don’t have a guardian to help me to buy the medication but a kind guardian of other patient bought mine together! 
I was so thankful! 

Now that I need to maintain sitting position when I sleep so my tailbone and back are painful.
And I think I have no problem with my throat I guess because I drink a lot of water time to time.

When I get up, my heart is pounding.
When the antibiotics were injected, the heart pounded. 
And also when I get up, my heart was pounding. 
So I kept checking my heart rate so it was hard.
The third day was the worst say because of the swelling. 
The first and second day were good, but on the third day my face became big because of the selling. 
And the morning and the night, I feel more painful ;(

I need to sleep with sitting position so it was hard for me to sleep uncomfortably for a few days.
So this day , I walked about an hour and a half? 
I just walked around inside at Wonjin Plastic Surgery.

짱이뻐! - A Year Has Passed After My Korea Two Jaw Surgery

I had examination even on Sunday and I had normal result
I have lost a lot of swelling, but still I can’t breathe through nose because inside of the nose is sore.

I turned on the humidifier. It got better so I moved it next to me and my nose got better.

I eat a lot, but because I do not have any energy so I lay down.
My boyfriend came over and spend day with me. 
How nice it is to have someone next to me even I take a nap.

And in the evening, my friends came too. 
I wanted to go out for a walk together but I was not allowed to do it. 

I want to talk to my friends but it is too hard to speak and open my mouth .. 
I feel a little depressed when I think about how long I have to be like this. 
I could sleep quickly because I spend all my energy with my friends.

At night, I slept fitfully because my nose was so stuffed up.

짱이뻐! - A Year Has Passed After My Korea Two Jaw Surgery

It’s been a month and two weeks since I had this two jaw surgery.

I feel like time is running very slow, and want swelling to go away quickly but I had salty and other foods as I didn’t want to give up eating. 

When I went for 5th week check up, doctor and nurses told me that my swelling went down but I still have to keep wearing mask 
My job requires me to talk a lot and meet other people but there’s nothing that I can do now which frustrates me. Staying at home all day long….!!

I want to wear pretty clothes and make-up but I’m wearing same clothes and I cannot dye my roots as my face is covered with mask.
But, I’m buying bunch of clothes these days by expecting to have desired results. 

It was really hard at first to wear rubber band, but it gets easier as time goes by. 
Is it because the wound in mouth is healed?

I had a substantial swelling of my left side but dimple started to show up on right sided first.. 
When I had my long chin, my face looked bigger due to my short height but it is good to have smaller face than my friends who already had small face. 
I recognize the reason why two jaw surgery is hard as there is anything I can do for a long time after surgery but I’m just waiting for the day of having a pretty face  

I already told you that you can have almost foods, like I had a meat that is really small size like smaller than nail. 
Hope the day without wearing a mask is coming soon!! 
I didn’t expect that swelling lasts this longer. 
I thought I could return to my daily life after a month but it seems to take 2 months. 
Screw in my mouth will be removed after 3 months as I haven’t done orthodontics. 

I need to begin my jaw exercises to have natural facial expression but I’ve got mouth sores due to screws …  

I don’t know what to do but I try to do jaw and mouth exercises regularly!! 
Hope my swelling goes away soon to get back to work! 
I’m depressed at home doing nothing. 
But my bruising is almost gone so I went out once with makeup on few days ago, but I wore mask haha 
I need to get skin care as my skin gets worse. 
I will dye my roots and expose to sunlight tomorrow. 

짱이뻐! - A Year Has Passed After My Korea Two Jaw Surgery

I’m still wearing a mask due to swelling.. And its too boring to spend all my time at home.
So I started to get back to work and always wear a mask.

I sometimes miss the time at home again but so far so good.
Sometimes I put on makeup and do not wear mask but sometimes I wear makeup inside mask. 
My mouth suddenly does not open well, so I cough or yawn with closed mouth.
Hope my swelling goes away soon 
I just feel my skin gets better.

At first, I was not able to wash my face like usual so my skin got sensitive and had some skin problems.
Also I’ve got dried skin 
I just want to take off mask from my face.. 
But its good to go out and have something to eat.
I will remove wafer and screw soon
It seems like there’s more swelling due to screws..
Some people says they have screw removal pain and some people don’t, but I get scared… 

짱이뻐! - A Year Has Passed After My Korea Two Jaw Surgery

It’s already been 3 months! Time flies.
But I still have swelling. 

I think it’s a little unnatural but I’ve got a habit of covering mouth when laughing 

Still the right sided face looks more natural and dimple on left sided is not appearing. 

At first, my mouth didn’t open well but doctor forced me to open my mouth widely when I visited for follow up and now I can open my mouth widely. Haha
It was like my body was stiff when I first started yoga.
I was scared as my mouth wasn’t opened suddenly but now I feel comfortable.
But it’s been 3 months since having a surgery and still have swelling, which is so frustrated 
I want to become pretty soon…

And I don’t have much fat on my face so my face used to be thin. 
That’s why I thought I would not have double chin but I’ve got some fat on my chin (not really double chin) as my chin is swollen.
My friends say I look chubby when they only see my face haha 
When I read reviews, most people say swelling has gone away after 5~6 months and back to normal and I hope so too. 
Swelling on chin goes down so my chin gets sharpen and cheekbone looks bigger so I sometimes regret that I didn’t get my cheekbones done haha 
But hopefully I will be satisfied when my swelling goes away. 
But I still don’t have any feeling on palate. 
So whenever I eat something, I feel like my teeth shaking. 
There is no feeling in my jaw and I feel little bit stiff at my jaw muscles?!?! 
But I’m getting used to it. 

Everything will get better?! 
I really like my smaller face! 
I do not regret at all!

짱이뻐! - A Year Has Passed After My Korea Two Jaw Surgery

It’s been already 4 months!!
Now I do not remember how I really did it haha
My swelling goes away slowly comparing to others but I feel so good as I can see my face got smaller..

People who know that I have done two jaw surgery say me “how did you get so smaller face by only having jaw surgery?”
Now I feel my face is proportionate. 
I used to feel like my face is big due to short height before having a surgery.
I’m having happy day these days. 
I’m planning to go to Jeju Island soon!! 
Hope my swelling completely goes down in May!

I can open my mouth widely enough to put four fingers inside mouth. 
I feel stiff on left side but I can bear it. 
I have to chew on both sides but I use my left teeth when chew something, so my left sided muscles get bigger…

Friends who have not seen each other for a long time say I still have swelling.
I can recognize that I still have swelling on philtrum…
But I can take photos!! I don’t have to wear mask like few months ago. 
But I feel itchy whenever I eat something and I don’t know why haha
Also I feel some tingling on my lower lips.. 
So I cannot bitedo something like that..

짱이뻐! - A Year Has Passed After My Korea Two Jaw Surgery

Now it is not noticeable! 
Weather is nice and I take a lot of photo. Feel like I’m back to normal.
I have some swelling on my philtrum but I’m not sure this swelling will last forever or not.
I am careful when having solid foods but I don’t think I need to it anymore.
So I sometimes eat almond slice.

짱이뻐! - A Year Has Passed After My Korea Two Jaw Surgery

That might not be good though….
One day I drank some alcohol but my whole gum was painful as nerve hasn’t come back yet.
So I went for checkup and they told me to try not to let my tongue touch my front teeth.
But its my habit so its so uncomfortable when I try to follow the instruction.
I used to have swollen face at the very first time after surgery and my nose looked weird but now I had a trip to Jeju Island and unnatural swelling has gone away! 

짱이뻐! - A Year Has Passed After My Korea Two Jaw Surgery

To be honest, there isn’t much difference anymore.
Although I feel my philtrum is a bit unnatural, others do not even notice it.
Actually, I’m not that skinny. 

However after I did the surgery at at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, people kept telling me that my body shape looks good and skinny, and they even told me to gain some weight.
Well…..I did looked fat because of my jaw and face.
But, I do feel my face become much smaller after the surgery!
All these time, no one ever told me to gain some weight. It’s nice to hear it!

I didn’t have a perfect body proportion since I’m short and my face was quite big. 
Back then, if I took photos while sitting, people often thought that I’m about 170cm because of the size of my face.
However, not anymore.

I did have regrets for not having the cheekbone reduction surgery, especially when I saw those whom have sharper jaw than mine. 
Ah...it must be because I only did the jaw surgery.
But, people around me said that choosing not to do the cheekbone reduction surgery was right, so I will just believe it and live my life happily!

짱이뻐! - A Year Has Passed After My Korea Two Jaw Surgery

6 months already passed since the surgery!
At last, I’m starting to feel my palate again.
However, it still hurts if I mistakenly touch the area around my mouth.
Also, the area around my mouth feels heavy so I’m still doing the exercise.

As for the scars, I still have to wait till it heals.
Although most of the swollen has gone already, I’m a bit worried about the rest. 
I guess I still need to wait for the rest to subside.
It’s easier to eat now and I even gain some weight.
It was nice to be skinny though…… 

짱이뻐! - A Year Has Passed After My Korea Two Jaw Surgery

It’s summer! I went to Busan for vacation.
To be honest, I don’t feel any changes in my appearance. 
I even almost forget that I did surgery.

It’s nice to hear compliments from my friends though.
My cheeks and around my mouth still hurt because I haven’t fully healed.
Will it hurt more?? 
But this doesn’t make me uncomfortable. 
I guess I’m used to it now.

Although it’s not fully healed, I can open my mouth, lie down on my head and my stomach without any problems.
Also, I wasn’t into taking selfie but now I love it, and I think it’s the best benefit from the surgery.
Thanks to my decision for doing the two jaw surgery, I become more confident than before.

짱이뻐! - A Year Has Passed After My Korea Two Jaw Surgery

I’m comfortable with face now. It even feels like I was born with this face. 

However, I can’t open my mouth as big as before. 
I could fit my hand inside my mouth before. 
But the doctor said that it’s actually not good to open your mouth that big. 
Well, I don’t really need to open my mouth that big though.

People said that I looked older than my age when I was in junior high school. 
It must be because of my jaw. 
Because these days people even told me that I looked like a high school student.
It’s really surprising to see how different you look by only doing jaw surgery.
It’s really nice to hear people telling me that I look way younger than my age.
Also, I don’t need to edit my photos anymore before uploading it.

짱이뻐! - A Year Has Passed After My Korea Two Jaw Surgery

People who don’t know that I did plastic surgery think I have a small face. 
They even said that I’m so skinny when I didn’t even loss weigh that much. 
I’m so happy to hear all those nice compliments.

I’m starting to sense my palate too! 
Well, some parts still feel numb when I touch it, but it’s way better than before.
The same thing happens to my jaw. I’m starting to feel it again but it still feels stiff.
But it’s not a big problem since I’m already used to it.
Other than that, I’m really satisfied with the result and I don’t feel anything weird when people touch my face.
But I do feel a bit weird when touching my chin.

This might be because it hasn’t fully healed.
I was worried when I was told that it’s normal to still feel the numb even after a year. 
However now, I don’t really think it’s going to be a big problem. 
I’m just so happy as long I can take good selfies. 

짱이뻐! - A Year Has Passed After My Korea Two Jaw Surgery

A year has passed. A lot of things changed within a year.
It has only been a year but it feels like 2 years have passed.

I couldn’t eat much because of the surgery but after a few months, 
I went out with my boyfriend and eat….a lot. I gained so much weight.
This summer and last summer feel a bit different.

I looked so fat back then!

My senses are still the same like last month, haven’t gain it back fully. 
To be honest, there wasn’t any drastic change starting from the 9th month after the surgery. 
The biggest difference is my weight loss.

Right after the surgery, I was worried about one thing. 
Will nothing change even though I did the surgery? 
I thought because I was born like that, even surgery can’t change me. 
Also, the check ups were not done every month so I couldn’t know.

Thankfully, I don’t have to use braces after the surgery.

Anyway, I still can’t believe that a year has passed.

After the surgery, I hear so many compliments that I didn’t get before. 
I keep being told that I looked younger although my age is getting older.
These days, I often do massage to help the muscles heal faster.
I can’t wait to see the changes in the next year.

짱이뻐! - A Year Has Passed After My Korea Two Jaw Surgery

Name: A Kim
Age: 23
Surgery: Two Jaw Surgery

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