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Wonjin Beauty Medical Group presents 'Wonjin Lightening Tone Up Mask', your whitening solution, for more lighter and brighter skin.

Its Real Cell Sheet is as thin as inner skin layer of eggshell with specialized fiber structure sheet, tightly in contact with curved surface of skin with no lifting which gives excellent activity, provides soft feel of real skin.

1. Wonjin’s Real Skin Sheet The real skin sheet which covers for a quick recovery of the skin by Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. 
2. Tight contact with fine wrinkles with specialized fiber structure, it tightly contacts with curved surface of skin with no lifting. 
3. Fast full absorption in a short time The tightening material helps essence to get absorbed fully on the skin in a short period.

Wonjin Lightening Tone Up Mask contains 8 main ingredients which will help dark and dull skin to return into a bright and clear skin. The main ingredients are Peony Flower, Ginseng, Edelweiss, Lotus, Lily, Milk, Rice, and Trenella fuciformis.

Here is how to use Wonjin Lightening Tone Up Mask!

The texture of the sheet is completely different from the existing mask. Fabric of Lightening Mask is made using texture of real skin fabric, which is prescribed to patients for quick regeneration of the skin after the procedure in Wonjin Plastic Surgery / Dermatology. As thin as inner skin layer of eggshell is in close contact with the skin, fully penetrates to the skin not losing any active ingredients externally. 

The mask contains a combination of technologies by Wonjin which helps regeneration of skin containing Skin Composition Factor (skin component). Skin lipid components including ceramide, collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid constituting at the same rate with the skin helps the skin regeneration. Whitening Mask covers regenerates from inner skin helps your face to glow which reveals brightness from the foundation.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery / Dermatology is the most famous No.1 Beauty Medical Group in Korea. Based on many years of clinical experience and accumulated know-how by Wonjin’s professional medical surgeons and specialized skin experts, only using ingredients you could trust to care for exhausted skin caring from the foundation, we have launched Wonjin Effect’. 

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