[Short Diary] I Want To Have Eyes Like Nichkhun or Jang Geun Suk

4:45:00 PM

짱이뻐! - I Want To Have Eyes Like Nichkhun or Jang Geun Suk

My eyes and nose... I had double eyelid on one of my eyes and mine was sleepy eyes~
My nose is not high as well and the nose tip is going down a bit so it looks like a long nose~
I always hearing people said that I look sleepy and tired~
And when I took photos, it looks like it's different one to another~
I had nose bridge already but the space in the middle of my forehead is low so it didn't look good~
So together with eye surgery, I also decided to do nose job as well and went to Gangnam~!!
I went to 4 to 5 good hospitals that I got through Q&A Section on internet~
I also look for the material and after hearing the explanation I think I got the feeling~

짱이뻐! - I Want To Have Eyes Like Nichkhun or Jang Geun Suk

I came to this hospital at last though~
At first I was surprised by the scale~ It's so big~
And there were so many people there~
At least, seeing that there were many people there makes me can trust them~
I had the consultation and they explained this and that very well~
I also couldn't meet the head doctor at the other hospitals but here I was told to meet the head doctor first before leaving and I was explained more in details which made me feels like 'ah, here it is!'
After that I chose the date and made a reservation for the surgery~
I had a lot of things to be asked until the surgery date so I called the consultants a lot.. and they explained it nicely ^^

짱이뻐! - I Want To Have Eyes Like Nichkhun or Jang Geun Suk

At the day of surgery~!! I went there earlier to meet the doctor and tidy up the line~
I did double eyelid surgery non-incision~ I want to have eyes like Nichkhun or Jang Geun Suk~
And do it a bit bigger~
The doctor asked me several times if it's okay...
Well, I'm the one who asked ~ haha
For nose, I used silicone~ and ear cartilage for the nose tip~
I asked for a natural nose haha

짱이뻐! - I Want To Have Eyes Like Nichkhun or Jang Geun Suk

The surgery was about 2 hours I guess and it took for about an hour until I woke up from anesthesia~
I listened to what I should have paid attention to and went home~ haha
What I heard is that nose job or rhinoplasty hurts a lot so I was worried but it didn't hurt as much as I thought~
It's been a year already and the result is so natural~ After the surgery I never heard people telling me that I look tired unless I'm really tired..
They also say that my eyes are also becoming more sparkling (?) hahaha
It's a bit... I know... kkk
I'm really satisfied with the result though~~~^^

Name: Mr. Bong
Surgery: Rhinoplasty, Eye Plastic Surgery

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