[Real Diary] Korean Plastic Surgery Made Him Even More Handsome

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짱이뻐! - Korean Plastic Surgery Made Him Even More Handsome

For me who has a lot of interest on appearance and styling, a hooked nose line and round nose tip has always becoming my complex.
And I hear about Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea by accident, and I made a big decision to have Korean plastic surgery.

To be very honest I was worried a lot about having the surgery, it's not like it's a shame to have plastic surgery and I don't think I have to hide about it, so I reserved the date (for the surgery) kkk
I believe it will be done well without any side effects!

짱이뻐! - Korean Plastic Surgery Made Him Even More Handsome

Fiuh, it's 3rd day after my Korean plastic surgery. Fiuh, I think I hate looking at mirror;;
I don't know if it swelled a lot or not but my whole face are swollen, and looks like I've been gaining weight about 20kg!

I went to the hospital and the cotton inside my nose is removed.
It was uncomfortable for me to breathe because of the cotton, but it feels more comfortable now after it's removed. But instead it's uncomfortable to wipe my runny nose.
When I hear what my friends said after their Korean plastic surgery is that the first 2 or 3 days are the day where your face swelled the most and I guess today is the day.
I think I can make it for the rest 4 days as the swelling will reduce bit by bit starts tomorrow.

Ah! I can also eat rice not porridge yesterday!
At first I ate pumpkin porridge and pumpkin juice a lot because people say that it's good to reduce swelling, but as I only ate that, I really wanted to eat other food, so yesterday I ate rice mixed with soup for dinner, and I ate rice with other side dish starts this morning.
My right side swelled more than my left side so I guess I have to focus on compressing my right side with ice pack.

짱이뻐! - Korean Plastic Surgery Made Him Even More Handsome

Finally it's a week already haha
I woke up happily thinking that I will get the stitch and bandage removed today, and I went to Wonjin Plastic Surgery! 
Before taking the elevator, I took a selca, thinking that now I can meet my friends again normally, drink coffee or eat together.
BUT, I was wrong!
My nose has become a bulbous red nose, and I was so disappointed, regretting that I had this Korean plastic surgery.
I thought what I saw at that time at the mirror, is my appearance after the Korean plastic surgery.

Finally I asked the nurse and she said that it's still swollen and the swelling will reduce totally after few weeks, and I felt relieved!
Well, it's normal that my nose swelled the most since I did rhinoplasty (nose surgery), it's just me who thought that it won't be swollen.
I asked my friends who did Korean plastic surgery before, then they said it's normal and told me to wait a bit more.

I went home and took a lot of selcas, my side appearance turned out very well, but my front appearance.. I still afraid to take (selca of) it kkk

짱이뻐! - Korean Plastic Surgery Made Him Even More Handsome

It's been 2 weeks~
What I feel after 2 weeks passed is that it's a good decision to do Korean plastic surgery!
People around me said it didn't changed a lot but it looks natural and more handsome, even my parents, who opposed it, said it looks better kkk
Before, I didn't take selca that much but now I often take selca and I'm satisfied~ 
The swelling reduced a lot so I started to go to school again, and I meet my friends whom I couldn't meet before.
I hope it will be better and more natural after a month or 3 months passed!

짱이뻐! - Korean Plastic Surgery Made Him Even More Handsome

Finally a month passed already haha
I'm satisfied that the swelling reduced and I can do my daily routine, meet my friends, etc after 2 or 3 weeks passed.
Seems like some parts are still swollen a bit as 3 months hasn't passed yet, many people said the Korean plastic surgery went well, but some said there isn't much changes from before.

It's hard for me to take selca today as some skin trouble appear because I couldn't sleep at night and I think I was a bit stressed kkkk
So I only took pictures from the right side ㅠ
It's hard to take 20 pictures a day since I don't usually take pictures haha
But I'm trying to do it well!

For now, I don't feel any pain or anything and adapt well, I don't feel uncomfortable while washing my face either.
Well, I didn't feel any pain before as well but it's comfortable now that I was so careful while washing face before.
Hope the swelling will reduce even more after 2 months and 3 months~

Name: Soon To-be Pretty Boy
Age: 24
Surgery: Rhinoplasty

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