[Real Diary] Slender V-line With Korea Face Contouring

3:43:00 PM


I had orthodontic treatments, but it wasn’t enough for me to 
achieve a slim jaw line. 
So I looked through several before and after photos of face contour surgery and made a big decision to get the surgery done. 
Getting a V-line face is extremely important to me. 
I am especially insecure about my side view, but eventually, 
I’ll acquire confidence after the surgery, right? 


I was really nervous before the surgery, but I really thank the 
Nurse for holding my hands and relieving me by saying comforting words like it’s not a big deal as soon as I fall asleep.
After the surgery, I spent 1 night in the recovery center , surfing on the web with compression bandage around my face. 
Everything was so comfortable during my stay in the center because everybody was so kind to me. 


I’m a coward who is extremely scared of stitch removals 
I was really worried about the pain, but it didn’t hurt as I thought. I thank the nurses for comforting a coward like me and doing a great job on the dressing. 
Unlike the 7th day, my body condition has recovered a lot too., and I had chicken soup with ginseng for nutrition supply. 
Every single day is so exciting, seeing myself in the mirror getting prettier as the swellings subside. ~


I was worried a lot about when I could go back to daily activities right after the surgery, but it seems that time flies very fast. 
I don’t have any inconveniences in my daily life anymore. 
But I’m still having my banana shake since it feels good for my health. 
I freely hang out with my friends in a café, eat meat wraps in barbeque restaurants! 
Seeing the mirror the first thing I wake up has become my habits and I wish the swellings can subside more! 


Not many people recognizes that I had a surgery . 
I take a walk 1 hour a day and it looks very effective in reducing the swells. 
My friends tell me that I’m getting prettier as each day pass and my jaw line is turning into a v-shape. I think face contour surgery changes the facial mood a lot. 
I feel like a celebrity and can notice my face line getting slimmer everyday. 
I’m so excited that my face would eventually be perfect after all the swellings have subsided!


My photos in the past surprised me a lot. My face then as a round and stumpy jaw line but I now have more feminine and small. Friends who know that I had the surgery keep asking me about it. 
I think I really did a good job in selecting Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital. That means I really did get pretty right? 
I’m now keeping an eye on my neck line as well. 
I do a lot of neck and shoulder stretching, and I’ll continue to use V-line mask packs until 1 year!  


It’s already been a year. I get a lot of questions on whether I went on a diet, rather than a plastic surgery. 
I’m really happy to achieve what I aimed and longed for, which is a slender v-line face. 
If any of you are considering face contour surgery, you should really research on it and choose the right hospital for you. 
Also, keep in mind that taking a rest and nutrition intake is very important since you can’t eat well during the recovery period and your body could get weak. 
I thank all those in Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital who did their best in transforming me! 
My diary, which records my satisfactory life after the surgery has come to an end~ 

Name: Miro
Age: 23
Surgery: Face Contour

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