[Q&A] Korea Eye Plastic Surgery #1

2:35:00 PM

There are some types of under eye plastic surgery in Korea, such as aegyo sal (love band) surgery, under eye fat removal surgery and under eye fat re-position surgery. For those who already have the cute aegyo sal under their eyes, sometimes worry that they will lose it when they're having under eye fat removal or re-position surgery.  

But it won't happen. Rather, if there is sagging skin under the eyes, it can be tighten as well, after the unnecessary fats are removed. So, don't worry about the aegyo sal.

But then, is it possible to do aegyo sal filler after the under eye fat re-position surgery? The answer is YES. Why? Because the Korea eye plastic surgery, under eye fat removal or re-position surgery is usually done at the conjunctiva and doesn't touch the skin.

So, it's possible to inject the filler for aegyo sal, as long as the swelling after the Korea eye plastic surgery has reduced at some point. The filler itself, will be injected under the eyelashes. 

Many people are confused about the location of aegyo sal and the fat of eye bag though.  It looks the same but actually different part. And we only get rid the fat or eye bag under the aegyo sal during the under eye fat removal or re-position surgery.

Watch the full video: https://youtu.be/in24buks8sA

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