[Q&A] Korea Face Contouring #1

10:28:00 PM

Korea face contouring surgery is getting more and more popular nowadays. It helps people get their back their confidence of their problem on face area. What kind of effects will you get if you do this Korea face contouring?

First, you can a get well-defined face line. The existed protruding line will be incised prettily so it can give you a smoother face line. Because of that, you can get your attractive imagine from every angle. Then the face can become smaller and smoother so the younger image can be get.

There is a type of the patient who only want to have smaller face without considering the functionality. Of course the result itself is important, but safety and the nerves system can not be forgotten. Of course Korea face contouring is all about incising the bone, but remember that there is nerve system inside the bone. 

If the nerve system is broken, you might lose the sense on your lips and gum. So, it needs extra attention to this thing while doing Korea face contouring. This is one of the reason why Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea performs more than 50 types of medical examination during the pre-surgery process. 

Watch the full video: https://youtu.be/76KucHxWWs4

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