[Q&A] Korea Rhinoplasty #1

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There are actually two types of Korea rhinoplasty. People called it by Aesthetic Korea Rhinoplasty and Functional Korea Rhinoplasty. What's the different, and why do we have to do all of them together?

Let's make an illustration. Think of nose as a house. You'll need to consider both the interior and exterior aspect of the house right?  Simply, you can think that the Aesthetic Korea Rhinoplasty done by the plastic surgery specialist is the exterior while the Functional Korea Rhinoplasty is kind of the is interior designed by the ENT specialists.

As you can see on the pictures above, the main purpose of Aesthetic Korea Rhinoplasty is to make the nose looks pretty and defined when it seen from the outside. As the exterior designer, you'll be responsible for designing the outer appearance, like what color is the wall, etc.

Meanwhile the ENT specialists are responsible for all things happened inside the nose. the interior of the house. Arranging the stuffs so they won't block people's way, so people can go through, also making sure it's at the right place. 

In this case, the Functional Korea rhinoplasty is to help you with nose problems like:
1. Sinus
Case when the entrance is too narrow or blocked, the ventilation inside won't be good and can cause the infection.
2. Deviated Septum
Case when the nose wall (nasal septum) inside your nose is bending to one side.
3. Rhinitis
Case when the piece of fats is bigger than the other because the nose filter catches dust
4. Bivalve  Stenosis
Case when the bivalve is bending and the other bivalve is getting narrow.

Those functional problems have to be corrected or it might get you into more serious nose problems and diseases in the future. 

Watch the full video: https://youtu.be/QiSdudrKxU4

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