[Short Diary] Which One: Buying Car Or Having Plastic Surgery?

12:58:00 PM

짱이뻐! - Which One: Buying Car Or Having Plastic Surgery?

Thinking of my appearance before the surgery while writing this review makes me dizzy.
I'm kind of thin and before the Korea face contouring surgery, my cheekbone was protruded.
If I gained weight even a bit, my face looks so big.
I hate while wind is blowing though and I don't think I can take it anymore so I decided to do Korea face contouring surgery.
My nose was also wide and flabby, it looked like man's nose....
I decided to do it at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea after seeing my friend had plastic surgery there.
To be very honest, there are a lot of advertisement on internet, but I have to look for the real result right?
So I decided to make a reservation for the surgery at the day I'm getting consultation.

짱이뻐! - Which One: Buying Car Or Having Plastic Surgery?

I was afraid as everyone is.. and after 2 weeks.. I was thinking why I didn't not have it beforehand.
Even my boyfriend who had negative image with plastic surgery is now showing better respond, and told me to do my forehead as well.
And I'm thinking of having my forehead done this year as well~
As I want to have S-line if seeing from the side haha
I really enjoy my days recently~~

짱이뻐! - Which One: Buying Car Or Having Plastic Surgery?

Since the face is good now, I can walk here and there without any makeup~
I also heard a lot that people saying I'm becoming prettier..
I guess the best thing I did during my life these 25 years is having Korea face contouring surgery~
If I'm asked to choose between buying car or having plastic surgery, I won't hesitate even for a second!
Thank you to the consultant at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea who takes care of me before and after the surgery!
Thanks for answering my questions as well hehe
I hope the bruise and swelling will reduce faster!

Name: Ms. Yang
Surgery: Face Contour

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