[Real Diary] Goodbye Asymmetry Face, Hello Baby Face

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짱이뻐! - Goodbye Asymmetry Face, Hello Baby Face

When I was a child, I always slept on my left side.
And it makes my face is a bit asymmetry to the left side. 
I didn't know about it at first until I took an ID photo. 
You know, they usually edit the photo so I wouldn't know about it.
But the one day I took it at my friend's place and he showed me the original photo while saying that my asymmetry face is kind of severe. 
I barely take photos of myself though.
Maybe that's why I never realized it before.
So I decided to do Korea plastic surgery.

짱이뻐! - Goodbye Asymmetry Face, Hello Baby Face

It's been a week after the Korea plastic surgery.
I decided to do face contouring surgery as well as rhinoplasty.
Today is the day where the stitches will be removed.
Of course I'm so worried that it might hurt but actually it's not. 
It hurts when the splint and the tape were removed though.

The plastic surgeon said that the swellings are not gone as much as it should.
Even though I ate the medicine and do the cold compress so it'll go faster but I guess it's not enough.

When I looked at the mirror, I feel so happy that I can see the nose line and face line which has been corrected.
I'll just wait till the swellings are all gone!

짱이뻐! - Goodbye Asymmetry Face, Hello Baby Face

2 weeks after my Korea plastic surgery!!
The stitch inside my mouth will be removed today!

I was so nervous but at the same time I want to remove it as soon as possible. 
Because of it, I felt a bit uncomfortable even while eating porridge.
I felt so refreshed after it's removed. FINALLY!

The swelling on my nose are kind of disappearing now but my jaw and chin. 
Well, it's normal, so I'll just wait a bit more.

짱이뻐! - Goodbye Asymmetry Face, Hello Baby Face

The swellings are almost gone except the cheek part a month after my Korea plastic surgery.
I can open my mouth and eat without any difficulties now but I still can't eat foods with hard texture.

People around me said that I completely became a different, they said my face became smaller. HEHE.
I hope all the swellings gone really soon!!!

짱이뻐! - Goodbye Asymmetry Face, Hello Baby Face

Recently, everything is just so natural, that I even don't remember that I had Korea plastic surgery. 
It doesn't even hurt anymore when I wash my face or wear make-up.

Also, I feel like I became younger than before the surgery. 
It's just my thought but don't you think so?
I feel really good recently though of I compare it with my asymmetry face before.

Name: Baby Face
Age: 25
Surgery: Face Contour, Rhinoplasty

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