[Q&A] Korea Rhinoplasty #2

4:08:00 PM

There are many people who lived their live without knowing that they're having a problem with their nose. They thought that it supposed to work that way but then after it's being fixed, they would feel the differences.

They might say "I can breathe through my nose" but actually when you check inside they have rhinitis. They wouldn't know as they adapted to it well. 

When someday they get a Korea rhinoplasty, they will have their nose got slimmer and sometimes nostril is being reduced as well. The front part would be sharpen and higher. And the nasal septum will be lifted like this. Like that, the nasal septum will be thicker and the are here is getting narrowed.

If it's like this, it can cause bivalve stenosis even rhinitis becoming worse than before the Korea rhinoplasty. When you get the surgery, you'll think that the surgery went wrong because the nose got stuffy after the surgery. It might because you actually have rhinitis before but you never realized it. Then after it's becoming narrow, you start to feel uncomfortable because of it. And it's not because of the failure of Korea rhinoplasty though.

Watch the full video: https://youtu.be/HmioXcJwcOk

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