[Real Diary] Had No Confidence Before Breast Plastic Surgery

11:51:00 AM

짱이뻐! - Had No Confidence Before Breast Plastic Surgery

I guess everyone with the same problem with me will have the same thought as mine as well. 
Like we have to pay attention more while choosing clothes to wear.
And the most important is that because of the breast size, I lost my confidence.

I want to show my body a lot, once I got the breast plastic surgery.
Because no one is showing no-breast body right?
I really want to wear tight clothes and V-neck.

No, I just want to walk in confidence!!! 

짱이뻐! - Had No Confidence Before Breast Plastic Surgery

My chest is kind of smaller than I thought so I decided to put 350cc.
They said that everyone is having unbalanced breast size, but thanks God that mine wasn't that severe so I can put the same implant size for both.

I wasn't hospitalized though but instead I'm having the blood bag with me.
But since that day till yesterday was so hard for me to endure and hurts so much.

Good that I visit the hospital today and remove the blood bag.
Feels like I can breathe now!

짱이뻐! - Had No Confidence Before Breast Plastic Surgery

It kinda hurts when I sleep then wake up or stand up after take a seat because the breasts are like being pulled (?) but it's getting better after a week.

The bandage is also removed already, finally I can see my real breast after the breast plastic surgery!!!!
My hands are considered as big hands, but my breast just won't fit it? 
Haha, I feel really good!

짱이뻐! - Had No Confidence Before Breast Plastic Surgery

Feels like I have to throw all my clothes after this breast plastic surgery.
The button won't gather or my shirt just can't fit me enough now because of the breast ^^;;
And because I can't wear my old clothes, I just bought so many clothes!!!
The incision on my armpit also doesn't hurt than I thought it would be.

짱이뻐! - Had No Confidence Before Breast Plastic Surgery

It's been a long time since I met my friends, and they're all in a fuss while seeing my breast! 
They touched it and envy me a lot!
The feelings are also very nice and the most important is the shape is just too pretty!
I feel really good being praised like that though!

I strongly recommend this breast plastic surgery for you guys who have same problem with me!!
Of course it's hard at first but this breast plastic surgery indeed has the highest satisfaction compared to other things!

Name: vokjap
Age: 26
Surgery: Breast Surgery

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