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There are a lot of factors that can  affect the result of best rhinoplasty in Korea. One of them is the material used for the surgery itself, whether it's implant, autologous tissue, artificial tissue, or even filler. Wonjin Plastic Surgery promises to use only a safe and stable materials for rhinoplasty for the best results.

짱이뻐! - Korean Rhinoplasty - Rhinoplasty Materials


It is vital to choose the correct implant type and size for best rhinoplasty in Korea. Since everyone has different nose bone size and skin tissue type, it is best to compare pros and cons of each implant and choose the best one. 

Ultra Soft Silicon

- It is 1:1 custom made and designed
- It enables you to feel more natural and comfortable without any feeling of irritation after surgery.
- It provides an effect of three-dimensional line from every angles (front and sides)
- It is very elasticated and has flexibility
- It is upgraded version of pre-existing silicon implants proved safety


- The most common type of implants used across the world, tested and certified for its clinical safety
- Shape deformation or absorption is uncommon even after a long time
- It has low infection occurrence rate since it rarely deforms in the body and does not cause irritation
- Ideal nose shape can be achieved by finely curving the structure
- The shape of the nose can be finely sculptured with solid support strength


- It is suitable to use on thin skin
- There are micro holes on the implant to allow for tissue adhesion
- It has a smoother surface than silicone and provides a more natural appearance


- It is a hybrid implant of silicone and gore-tex
- Shape deformation or absorption rarely occurs even after a long time
- It has a low infection occurrence rate since it rarely deforms in the body or cause irritation reactions
- Ideal nose shape can be achieved by finely curving the structure
- It is suitable for men who have moderate or thick skin
- It can make pointy nose shape with good support power

Autologous Tissue

Autologous tissue used for best rhinoplasty in Korea, is the tissue collected from individual’s own body, so it has the advantages of low infection rate and providing natural shape. It is very safe implant that does not cause any problems such as skin gets thinner or implant stiffness, and it functions very importantly, which is usually used on nasal tip affecting the result of surgery.

Septum Cartilage

- This is the most widely used autologous tissue. It is the nose pillar that is separating inner nostril space inside of nose
- It is usually used for nasal tip surgery and few chance of being seen through skin
- It is suitable for reconstructing nasal septum as it is flat formed with high bearing capacity
- It is easy to extract and transplant cartilage inside of nose during surgery, thus no more need for another incision

Ear Cartilage

- It is more elastic than septum cartilage, so allows to make nose tip more natural
- It is usually used for nasal tip surgery and few chance of being seen through skin
- It is safe since it is collected from the back of ear where it has almost no functional role

Rib Cartilage

- This is used when patient’s nose gets infection from several times of surgery, or nose gets shortened due to capsular contracture or nasal tip retraction
- It is safe since cartilage amount is abundant and has low infection rate
- Refined and pointy nose tip can be achieved since it has low absorption rate but provides strong support

Autologous Skin

- This is the fat that lays on the outermost layer of skin so it has low chance of side effect. It is collected from the thigh area under the hip
- It is only used once it requires additional correction after surgery

Autologous Fat

- It has low chance of side effects since it is extracted from patient’s own thigh under the hip
- It is only used once it requires additional correction after surgery
- It is very effective if patient’s skin is very thin or develops complications

Autologous Fascia

- This is fibrous layer covering outer of muscle. It is safe and less side effects occur since it is extracted from inner of scalp or legs
- Since this is very thin and fluffy tissue, it is used for the purpose of embracing cartilage or implant
- It prevents symptom of depletion of skin layer and nasal tip redness

Artificial Tissue

- This is a material that minimized side effect by eliminating any irritating cells that might cause rejection reaction on human dermis layer
- You may achieve very natural result since it leaves almost no surgery scar and causes no visible implant phenomenon due to thinning skin tissue


- This is a material with only substrates collected after eliminating cells from human dermas skin, thus has no immune reaction when transplanted
- It is soft as skin to provide very natural nose bridge and tip shape


- There are micro holes on the implant thus provide good adhesion with surrounding tissue and skin
- Usually, it is inserted to make high and refined nose bridge. (However, it is not chosen first but used as a subsidiary material if septum cartilage is not available)


For best rhinoplasty in Korea, a simple injection with a filler can make the nose bridge bigger and higher without invasive surgeries. Wonjin Plastic Surgery has three types of filler.


- Restylane, consisted of hyaluronic acid that is identical to human body’s skin ingredients, is the injection that have been approved by FDA at the very first 
- It is used for reducing wrinkles, elevating the nose, expanding the lips, correcting sunken areas of the face, correcting body figure, and improving wrinkles and volume. 
- Restylane at Wonjin Plastic Surgery is used for anti aging effects


- It reverses these effects and provides anti aging effects
- It received approval from the FDA proven to have effects lasting 12 months after 1 procedure. Identical to the body’s internal substance, hyaluronic acid is used to remove wrinkles and fill volume
- It is a type of gel that absorbs throughout the body which helps with not only wrinkles but also elasticity and moist skin


- It is comprised of PMMA material that is used for osteomyelitis treatment and bone adhesion and collagen material consisting of bone, cartilage, and skin
- It has semi-permanent effect that has been improved from regular fillers that last short period.- It is only implant filler that has research material lasting more than 10 years within the count 
- It is available at licensed hospitals only (5 hospitals in Korea)

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