[Get to Know] Korean Plastic Surgery - Misunderstanding About Plastic Surgery

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There are a lot of misunderstandings spread regarding Korean plastic surgery in any field. And here we are to answer the questions related to the topic.

짱이뻐! - Korean Plastic Surgery - Misunderstanding About Plastic Surgery

Breast Surgery - It's Not Possible to Breast Feed After Breast Augmentation
The fact is that Breast Augmentation has nothing to do with and does not affect breast feeding. Moreover, for Breast Augmentation at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea, the top part of the implant will be placed under the breast muscle, and the bottom part of the implant will be place under the mammary gland tissue. Breast feeding is possible as well as keeping the sensitivity of nipples, because the implant does not touch or press the mammary gland tissue.

Breast Surgery - The Implant Has to Be Replaced Every 10 Years
It's not true that you have to replace the breast implant every 10 years. There is no limited time when you have to replace the implant. Through a consultation with the specialists, good after care treatment and routinely check-up, there is no need to replace the breast implant unless the patient itself wants to change the size of breast implant.

Breast Surgery - There is Higher Possibility For Breast Cancer After Breast Augmentation
There is no such a thing since there is no connection between breast cancer and Breast Augmentation, and it's been proven through a study and research. But since the number of women who are infected with breast cancer is increasing, it's recommended for 35 years old women or more to get a routinely check.

짱이뻐! - Korean Plastic Surgery - Misunderstanding About Plastic Surgery

Eye Surgery - Surgery Can't be Performed on People Who Used Double Eyelid Glue
Long period of using double eyelid tape or double eyelid glue can make the skin of eyelid sagging but it's not that eyelid surgery can't be performed. For the case of sagging eyelid, an examination would be performed to know the exact condition of the patient before our professional plastic surgeon suggest the most suitable surgery method so that you can achieve a natural result with safe procedure.

Nose Surgery - Nose Surgery Should be Done During Summer to Avoid Red Nose
There is no relation between nose surgery and skin changing after the surgery. Red nose or sometimes called by strawberry nose doesn't appear because of the side effect of nose surgery but the condition of the patient's skin itself. It might appear because of the pigmentation or pores or cold weather during winter and has nothing to do with silicone implant of nose surgery.

Nose Surgery - Ultraviolet During Summer Time is a Disinfectant
It turns out that strong ultraviolet rays during summer time can create a discoloration on the scar during recovery period. That's why a protection from ultraviolet is needed and important. Instead of using ultraviolet blocker that can infect the scars, you can use sunglasses, hat, or umbrella when go outside.

짱이뻐! - Korean Plastic Surgery - Misunderstanding About Plastic Surgery

ETC - You'll be Less Smart After General Anesthesia
Again, there's no relation between the two. It is true that some will experience dizziness or can't remember something for one or two days after the general anesthesia but it's because the anesthesia has not released from their body yet, and there's no need to worry about that because it's normal.

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