[Get to Know] Korean Rhinoplasty - Arrowhead Nose Surgery

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Unlike short nose, an arrowhead nose has a very long septal cartilage or wing flap that droops. this is why the nose can be slimmed just with nose tip correction. Filler or cartilage grafting also can be useless because the structure of the nose has to be modified to fix arrowhead nose. At one of the best Korean rhinoplasty hospital, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, we raise the sagging cartilage and fixate it to make a short and sharp tip for a much softer appearance.

짱이뻐! - Korean Rhinoplasty - Arrowhead Nose Surgery

Most people with arrowhead nose have wide nostrils but actually they don't have to receive nostril reduction surgery. If the septal cartilage is long then the wing flap droops along with it, and if the the septal cartilage is cut, then the nose tip becomes raised and the width of nose will be slimmer. But if the cartilage correction is not enough, then a wing flap reduction surgery might be needed.

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Rhinoplasty at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea is not only about cutting the cartilage but the inner structure of nose is made firm. If the wing flap is long, then it will be raised and also fixed on the septal cartilage but if the septal cartilage that is long, then it will be cut and autologous cartilage is placed to make it pointy. Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea will make sure that the tip does not fall back down after time using an absorbent support fixture to make the tip hard and safe. 

짱이뻐! - Korean Rhinoplasty - Arrowhead Nose Surgery짱이뻐! - Korean Rhinoplasty - Arrowhead Nose Surgery
Long Septal Cartilage Case

If nose becomes an arrowhead shape when smiling, the muscle pulling down on nose is removed and the angle on nose and lips is widened.. With a customized implant, the nose bridge is raised and with an absorbent septal support fixture, the nose tip is raised. Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, performing the best Korean rhinoplasty surgery, don't just correcting nose but also considering the angle of nose and lips so the side view will look more beautiful. 

짱이뻐! - Korean Rhinoplasty - Arrowhead Nose Surgery짱이뻐! - Korean Rhinoplasty - Arrowhead Nose Surgery
Nose Tips With Developed Muscles Case

One of the advantages of this Korean celebrities rhinoplasty is that almost no scarring left after the surgery. Whether the surgery is done open or closed, the scars will be invisible and will disappear completely in 3 months. This surgery also don't require long period for recovery. You can return to your daily activity after 5 days and since it's done with local anesthesia, the best Korean rhinoplasty at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, Arrowhead Nose Surgery is safe!

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