[Get to Know] Korean Eye Plastic Surgery - Canthoplasty

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Other than Double Eyelid Surgery as one of the most popular procedure to create pretty eyes just like Korean celebrities, or Love Band Surgery which creates younger and cuter looks, Wonjin Plastic Surgery, the eye plastic surgery specialized hospital also has Canthoplasty procedure which is favored by people who want to get bigger eyes. This Canthoplasty itself is divided into two categories, Epicanthoplasty and Lateral Canthoplasty.

짱이뻐! - Korean Eye Plastic Surgery - Canthoplasty

Wonjin's Epicanthoplasty makes a tiny incision on the inner fold of the eye and sutures inside, leaving no scars. Ever heard of 'Mongolian Folds'? It's a fold that covers the inner corner of the eye. The folds can make eyes appear far apart and give a stuffy impression. And through this eye plastic surgery procedure, the length of eyes can be increased, giving a clear, and smooth eye shape, which of course will gives you softer facial expression.

Epicanthoplasty is recommended for those who want bigger and clear eyes, have a wide gap between eyes, and have crossed appearing eyes because of the 'Mongolian Folds'. 

짱이뻐! - Korean Eye Plastic Surgery - Canthoplasty

How about the Lateral Canthoplasty? 
Technically, it's the opposite. If Epicanthoplasty is about inner corner of the eye, then this eye plastic surgery is about the outer corner. Lateral Canthoplasty is sometimes called by Hotzcanthoplasty too. With this procedure, you can attain more of your eyes especially when smiling.

Lateral Canthoplasty itself is appropriate for those who have short length of eyes or have a fierce and cal-like eyes. Wonjin can help to make it narrowed. It's also can be performed to people with short width between eyes which makes it unable to have Epicanthoplasty. What's the special thing to do this procedure at the eye plastic surgery specialized hospital, Wonjin Plastic Surgery? Well, Wonjin will help you get both horizontal and vertical length increased instead of horizontal length only. And the most important, doing this eye surgery in Wonjin will make you have very little chance of recurrence.

짱이뻐! - Korean Eye Plastic Surgery - Canthoplasty

But again, not the size of eyes which is important in Korean eye plastic surgery but the proportional, the golden ratio of the face itself.

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