[Q&A] Korea Rhinoplasty #5

1:19:00 PM

Korea rhinoplasty with open incision and close incision were explained before. Now the problem is, how do we know which surgery method is the best for us? Are we allowed to choose whatever we want?

Close incision for Korea rhinoplasty was actually a method that has been done a lot at the past, when rhinoplasty (or nose surgery) first came into Korea. It's a surgery that used while using nose bridge as the center. 

The advantages of this surgery is, because the incision is made inside the nose, there will be no scars outside. You can think this as a surgery to make the nose bridge high naturally in short time.

Meanwhile open incision for Korea rhinoplasty is a surgery method that receives spotlight recently. This is a good method to correct various nose problems such as short nose, bulbous nose, hooked nose, or curved nose, because it can fix the nose cartilage and the nose bridge together at the same time.

However, it might have longer surgery time also recovery time if you compare to the close incision. But, it surely will give you more sophisticated nose shape and a dramatic change for your nose.

So, what factors decide open and close incision method for Korea rhinoplasty? The most important thing is the opinion of the specialist. In terms of cost, time, and how natural the result will be, etc, the Korea rhinoplasty specialist can decide which method to be done. 

Watch the full video: https://youtu.be/WcxgZDQ1hvo

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